5 Image Selections for
Middle School Social Studies

All 5 Photos/Images were obtained through Google Filters - CC-BY-NC

This Fotor edited image highlights the action of the photo. Students are asked to draw conclusions about the purpose of the movement, and how it may relate to the costumes being worn.  Activity is a lead in to the culture and traditions of Europe.

PiZap edited Photo shows Buddhist Monks asking for alms.  "Explain what these people are receiving in their basket, and why" is the student question.  Religious studies in 7th grade require that students understand concept of self-denial and giving of charity.

Tools from Ezimba were used to "opaque" this photo, making the inquiry questions a bit more challenging.  Inference skills are used to answer both.

Lunapic created this effect, which mirrors the investigative questions, and helps students dig for deeper meaning. Prior knowledge may be used, or creative critique may be applied. 8th graders can do this!

Fotor helped create the focus of this photo. The Question to students leads into the "focus" question - "Focus on the two boys in the middle. What makes them different than the rest, and what similarities may they share with the others?"  Cultural Traits and Cultural Diversity are introduced with this picture.  Similarities may include - age, hats, costumes, and traditions, part of same group, celebrates the same things....  What makes them different could include - looks, height, weight, different families, different personalities, different likes/dislikes.  This discussion fosters conversation about cultural traits that can be found in regions of the world, yet diversity can occur within cultural groups.

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