"Search - The Vikings (Cultures of the Past)." N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Oct. 2013ere (this is not the book title)

My three facts about this book are:

Vikings slept, ate, cooked, and hung out in stone long houses.

The most valuable export or gem was amber.

When vikings die, people in the village, choose a boulder to represent them or to mark their burial site.

My five vocabulary words are:

skald: a professional poet who writes and performs complex poems.

Valhalla: The god Odin's hall, where slain warriors feasted after death.

volva: A woman who was a prophet or seer.

Vanir: deities of wealth, fertility, and pleasure.

mead: a drink made from fermented honey.

My personal connection to this book is that the book made me want go to New Foundland (New Finland). I also like the book because I love to reenact battles and I also love history.

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