social media

what are the major social media channels and how/ why are they used?

Facebook is used to meet new people and for work to post new thing on for people to see and so many people use Facebook today than when it was first shown to use and now you can play games buy/sell things that you don't want and join new inspiring new groups that you may like.  

MySpace is so easy to use like blogging and if you are in a group chat the message you send go to the group or person that you sent it to which can not get easier than that, when people use bulletins on MySpace people take notice of it and some people don't and not so many people use MySpace any more because there are other social media sites that people use know like Facebook, twitter.

twitter is a lot like Facebook but a lot better because you can follow lots of famous people and find out what goes on in there life, some people use twitter to post work related thing that other people may what to know about and millions of people use twitter a day which is good for the people that run the company.

compare characteristics of two social media sites looking at the characteristics of social media channels

Facebook and Twitter:

Facebook and Twitter are almost the same but some of the thing you do on Facebook you can do on Twitter, the things you cant do on Facebook are guides for business and advertising, trends tools, tweets, list tools, search tools and the things you cant do on Twitter are playing games, plug-ins, wall, events, timelines, photos, messaging, chat and more but they are just the same but different name and different style of background of the website.

unit 2- task 1

blogs: with blogs you can engage with friends that are new or old and family and the common groups which you may talk too.

Microblogs: the Microblogs are shorter blog

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