Chuck Perrin of Tulsa - Rockford Energy Partners

Chuck Perrin of Tulsa believes that natural gas is the future of energy in this country. The production of natural gas all across the country has alleviated some of the stress from relying on foreign oil from unstable regions around the world, resulting in the lowest gas prices the American public has seen in the last twenty years. Perrin thinks that this shift is safer from price fluctuations and destabilizing forces that have dogged the regional and national economies for the past several years. Perrin hopes that his company will continue its success.

The United States, he believes, may be entering into a gold age of energy. Even though the Keystone XL pipeline remains in limbo as of early 2015, the surging oil industry in the United States and the rest of North America is real and its impact will be felt for years to come. Some forecasters are predicting that America will be energy independent by 2035, while even more optimistic forecasters think the United States could be energy independent as soon as 2020. Either way, domestic production of crude oil is on the rise, and the dream of energy independence, promised by virtually every American president since Harry Truman, is closer than ever before to becoming a reality.

What is not clear, says Chuck Perrin of Tulsa, is how this remarkable shift is going to impact on other energies. It could be a death knell to the nuclear industry for example, and is almost certain to impact sustainable energy forms such as solar and wind. But as far as the oil industry goes, he says that the future has never been brighter.

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