Business Card Critiques

LikesCard 1: I like this card because it's one color, and nice, simple and the color choice is a nice shade of pink and it's not to crowded. You can see the wording and numbers. The little star design is cute.

Card 2: This is a nice business card and creative. Its a salon card so the card looks like a comb. The little design of the girl is cute and the font of this design is also a very good choice.  

Card 3: I love the polka dots. I also like how it's nice and simple.


Card 1: I don't like this card because i don't think business card should have any pictures or your self or anyone. The people who made this card misspelled some words intentionally, but not a lot of people will understand what they mean.

card 2:  I dislike this card because it's so wired and i don't like the picture in the background, it messes the card up, Should of been a solid color.

Card 3: I dislike this card because the colors remind me of Halloween. In my opinion there should be like a block or a lot of black or even a whole card black.   

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