Chinese Cultures

By Seaniqa Lynch

Four Rules of the Chinese table etiquette

- Chinese culture has different handshakes they use to greet others.

- The are really strict on people who use rest their chopsticks vertically in rice

- When it comes to cooking never turn over the fish

- Never smoke while dining

Interesting facts about chinese culture

- Chinese cultures have different kinds of food such as egg rolls, sesame chicken

- China also have different religious such as buddhism, taoism

- It has been said that yuanmou is the oldest hominoid in china and the oldest dynasty is Xia Dynasty

- In all ove 1.2 billion people speak one or more languages other than chinese

Summary of different etiquette between America and China
- In america when we dine in restaurants we make sure we sit properly in the chair until the waiter comes.
-Place the napkin in our lap.
- We also eat with a fork
- Chinese people eat with chopsticks
- They are not allowed to slurp thier bowls it would be a sign of rudeness

Pictures of chinese cultures



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