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Social Mavericks ( helps ambitious people from tough communities reach the Middle Class. Our conceptual design will bring forward a pretty unique social enterprise. There is no one - as far as we know - who is thinking in the same lines. We are a social enterprise who wants to fight poverty in a commercial way. We want to become a global leader in poverty alleviation. On a secondary level, we strive to reach a corporate valuation of more than $100,000,000.=. (Read Highway to the Middle Class and we invite you to take our first Collective Intelligence Quiz.

Our main job is to connect two huge markets on our (multi-sided) platform. On the one hand, the demand for opportunities & social innovations by more than 4 Billion people living in poor and low-income communities worldwide. On the other hand, $350+ Billion that our potential sponsors - government agencies, NGOs, corporations or charity foundations - annually spend on poverty alleviation. Our key message is that sponsors need to channel their money through our platform, because the social impact will be much and much higher than when they just keep on doing what they are doing right now.

Multi-billionaire Marc Cuban states "NO SALES, NO COMPANY. He is right. At this moment, Social Mavericks is nothing but an idea - a plan and a few (wo)men. We ask you to join us as a co-entrepreneur in a start-up. We ask you to join The Collective Intelligence Group. We have little to offer but adventure and piece-of-the-pie as a shareholder. 

The Collective Intelligence Group (CIG) might have sub-groups like business intelligence, database management, collective intelligence and so on. The Collective Intelligence Group has started to put some initial thoughts in a (HackPad) wiki (link later). The co-entrepreneurs in the groups decide those issues themselves in a highly independent structure. My job is simply to safeguard maximum synergy between different groups, people and initiatives. As a co-entrepreneur we expect you to have your own ideas, networks and the ability to express clearly in a group collaboration.  

How much time you are able to spend is totally up to you; but it is crucial that if you accept a certain task with a deadline, you make the deadline or inform us in time. In other words, we offer you a free and very flexible structure, in which you can fully showcase your talents. But with great freedom, great communication becomes even more important.

Ultimately, we need to present investors with a team of people that have the drive to execute small/big tasks as a co-entrepreneur. I hope you join us. I am available for all your questions at any time. 

Robert L. Eikelboom
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Social Mavericks is a TribeQa Group Initiative