The impact of technology

The future

What is the global impact that technology is making on the country??

The impact that technology is doing is that many people are losing there job. The industrial revolution artisan weavers were replaced by the mechanical loom. There is a good side to this also. The new technology that we have, we can use in schools. It can help us learn more if we are using something that is technology.

What are some changes occurring in businesses that are a result of changing technology??

Some of the changes are that people are losing there jobs or being replaced over a machine. "has always cost people their jobs. In the Industrial Revolution artisan weavers were swept aside by the mechanical loom. Over the past 30 years the digital revolution has displaced many of the mid-skill jobs." Some people say its a good thing bring in machines, because they make things much faster.

What are advantages to the newer technology??

Some of the advantages that we have today is that some of the technology can be used for education. They made the car that's electric instead of gas so it would help the environment. They also made new things for people with disadvantages.

When you evaluate the risks and advantages, do they outweigh each other??

They do out way each other. There is more risk than advantages. you never know what may happen. Maybe something good turns out to be bad. There are many ways of things having a risk more than advantages.

Why is the global impact on technology changing the world??

They are coming up with new ways of helping the environment by not polluting it. they are trying to come up with ways to cure cancer. they are also making stuff for the military.

What are some of the changes that have happened in the past few years with regards to technology??

They made non-polluting cars. They made the phones to be faster and smarter. You can order food online. they also made new computers that are better and some turn into tablets.

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