Top Gaming Records

The recent gaming industry is witnessing the popularity of Angry Birds Space Games, that it has broken all its previous records in mobile gaming download category. According to reports published this space game for mobile phones has seen an astonishing 10 million downloads. This happened just after 3 days from the release of this game. Since then Angry Bird Space Game has been downloaded 50 million times within thirty five days clearly breaking the records of all mobile downloads in the gaming industry.

Angry Bird game is known among players for offering constant updates, new superpowers, hidden bonus levels, sixty interstellar levels and a complete new galaxy to tap. To make gaming experience more memorable space game offers brand new birds, trick shots, beautifully designed backgrounds and Zero-gravity space. Angry Birds are easily accessible on iOS, Windows, MAC OS and Android platform.

Rovio has already stated that gaming will not be a disappointment for Angry Bird players with this series for the following reasons;