Ronnie C. Wright

  1. Ronnie Charles Wright is an American lifestyle photographer.
  2. Born: January 22th, Brooksville, Florida
  3. Education: Florida, Stanford, Harvard
  4. Awards: 7 Media Awards
  5. Movies: Plight of the Florida Alligator
  6. Videos: 10 videos for Google Glass
  7. Contact: or

Four Soils, photographs

Ronnie C. Wright
Brooksville, Florida, United States
(4 photo series)
The Four Soils is a series of four 2014 photographs by the American lifestyle photographer Ronnie C. Wright. The photographs - Soil of Faith, Soil of Expression,
Soil of Prosperity and Soil of Security. The founding freedoms
refer to Wright’s January 22, 2014, “Purpose Party” birthday celebration talk
Four Soils in which he discusses essential “life rights”
that “should be stored in human consciousness to protect humanity.”
The photographs were published as an extension Wright’s book titled:
Beverly Hills 100: ‘Sunlight & Bright Nights’ in May 2014.
They were highlighted in his monthly *Coffee*Community*Conversation.