Internet Safety
  By Skarleth Hernandez

Here are some helpful tips of how to be safe on the internet.

Tips on how to stay safe in the internet

1. Only add people that you know not strangers. If you add strangers then they have a better chance of convincing you to do something.

2. If you don't recognize an em@il don't open it. Em@ils not recognized  on your contacts can probably be a virus or a threat.

3. Ask an Adult if you can have a certain account. If you don't ask permission it can lead to consequences.

4. Never go on any network without parents permission. Always ask a parent to have an online game that involves money because if you don't you never know if they are people trying to take your money and having card info.

5. Never post personal information on any social media. Don't ever post personal information on social media because some weirdo can get you and do harmful things to you that you might regret putting info where you where.

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