Readiness for Change


“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.”— Carl Rogers, from quotes on education at


I was reminded of the importance of being “ready for change” last night as I spoke to a friend who is a drug and addiction counselor. One of her tasks while working with clients is to assess their “readiness for change” and to educate them on the action plan they develop for treatment.

As individuals and education professionals, creating the environment and the mindset to be ready for change is crucial for learning to occur. This includes the willingness to admit mistakes, to know when to seek additional information, to try new paths, and to consider ideas and actions that contradict what one has accepted as truth. Without a readiness for change, educators and students can get shackled to old ideas, old behavior patterns, and stale thinking that no longer reflects an understanding of how the world works and their place in that world. We can be the change we seek if we can entertain cognitive dissonance and grow, either by reaffirming our beliefs or expanding our universe in a new way.

What habits do you have that create “readiness for change” in your life?

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