MLA Business Proposal: Splash & Cute
                By: Denielle Mckoy
                 Computer Science

Why I Decided To Start My Business??

I want to start a Business called Splash & Cute that will make thick and skinny girls happy about their body. My location Would be in North Philadelphia right off of Board & Fairmount. I want to accomplish my business by making girls smile because my business would not be able to be succesful if theres no girl that is happy about what they look like. I want to prove to all the girls that I will try my best to make them look good in their swimsuits and won't give up on them. I want to Partner up with a man swimsuit store, and sell for women and men.

Why Might I Have Competitors In My Business??

I believe I might have competitors in my business because I have cute swimsuits in my shop. Another reason that I believe that my business will have Competitors I will have all types of sales. Also because I will have a fitting so the swimsuit will look nice on females and make them fell confident about their self.