Absolute Brightness


Absolute Brightness.

Tuesday, April 15th: Social Issues

There are 2 social issues that are prominent in this novel. Bullying is #1 and social status.

The bullying issue affects Phoebe. Phoebe is bullied by Travis’s lawyer when they are in the court room and Travis’s lawyer asks Phoebe questions that make her sound bad “Is it true that prior to Leonard’s murder you actually had a plan to smoother him with a pillow?” (pg. 393) The lawyer is trying to make it sound like Phoebe wanted to kill Leonard, joke or no joke, she’s trying to back fire it on Phoebe. Phoebe answers the question by saying “I didn’t mean it, I cried. It was like a joke.” (pg. 394)

My personal response to this issue is that no I have never encountered this situation in life (thank god) but if I were to, I would pretty much make sure that I speak the truth 100% even if it’s not good I would still say it.

I have learned that you shouldn’t let anyone get to you. And that make sure that lawyers especially, do not twist the truth of what actually happened, and make you look bad.

The author wrote this novel very well, and with great details explaining the settings throughout the novel.

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