A snow day life

BY Marcus Bell #caatech #roadDITL2015

I stared my day at 8:00AM by getting awaken by my dad. Then going in to the bath room and washing my face, hands, and branching teeth. Got out my bathroom and made me oatmeal and put my water on the stove and made my down to the base  mint to clean my dogs cages we have five dogs. I take care of the of two dogs my  brother takes care of two dogs also  The one is for whoever gets down the steps to feed hem  first.

Then I went back upstairs to eat my oatmeal that I had for breakfast   with a poptarted  and some orange juice. Went up the stairs to get on my game for about 2 hours. Then went outside to shove the show off the steps and the sidewalk. Then later on around   7:00PM I had taken my game down stairs because my parents say I don’t know how to get off it.

Then around 7:00PM I got up and watch some T.V in the living room. About at 8:00 P.M.I got in the shower and got out then went back down stairs to watch dome more TV. At eight thirty PM I made my lunch for tomorrow. At 9:00PM I got in bed to go to sleep and got up at 6:00PM and that was the end of my day.