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Do parents care enough about school?

President Obama said " We cannot improve education without more demanding parents." Education secretary Arne Duncan recently mused that he "wished our biggest challenge" was "too many parents demanding excellent schools." Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld the authors of this article say some parents are more focused on building self-esteem than demanding excellence. But I don't think it's the schools fault that the kids don't do well sometimes it's more because of the parents that don't care enough to push their children and their schools to excel. Or maybe is it because of the teachers that are ill-equipped to take up such a roll.

Structural Functional

1. Parents value their children and their education way more than society does.

2. People strongly believe that parents should be more involved in the educational process of their kids, for example emailing there teachers and communicate with them.

3. Some parents need to push their kids to do better as well as except better from the school system, more money has to be put into public school education across the board.

Social Conflict

1. With social mobility and inequality the American education system still floundering in mediocrity.

2. A lot of parents lack on paying maternity or paternity leaves from their jobs, and arranging for quality child care especially for some infants.

3. Some people say it's the parents or the schools responsibility for educating their children properly but even the parents and the community are not doing their jobs, but the shortcomings vary greatly by class and culture.

Symbolic Interaction

1. If people really want to get good schools with better education it's going to need a lot of taxation like money to pay for all the good stuff.

2. Even tho people don't get good schools but school have been around for a really long time it doesn't matter what school educate you it's the child's choice to learn or the parents if they want to out in the effort to help out.

3. A lot people see a school as a school a place to learn something they don't care if it's a good school or not they just want to learn.

4. For those who put in the exceptional job of putting in the effort 100 percent on helping out is for sure going to help out the children get a better education.

Personal Reaction

In this article is that some people blame the parents some blame the school and the community for not being able to give a good education to their children. Parents just need to put in the effort for their kids and push them give them standards on stuff they aren't suppose to have like bad grades. If parents give them standards like punishments they will probably pay more attention and know tenor to mess up in school again. It doesn't matter how rich or how poor you are because there is a lot of people that were poor and became really famous or really rich, sometimes you don't even need to go to school to be well educated.

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