What kind of diseases trenches? By Olivia Focarile and Isabella Peña.

Have you ever wondered what dieseases were in the trenches? The first paragraph is going to be about the diseases in the trenches.

This is one of the rats from the trenches.

First, many men who died in the trenches got buried where they died. The bodies and food scrapes would attract....RATS!! When rats bite the soldiers, it would cause infections, and it would cause death! Also, Typhoid fever was spread by eating contaminated food or water. The food and water was contaminated because the trenches were in terrible cleaning and hygiene. Finally, insects that were in the trenches made sure typhoid fever would stay.

This is one of the diseases called "lice" that soldiers got very offten

How were dogs used in WW1? By Isabella Peña and Olivia Focarile

This dog is wearing a gas mask for saftey reasons!

First, sentry dogs growl, bark, or snarl to indicate danger or strangers. They can guard the camp area at night to protect the soldiers. Also, dogs were highly trained and had to be quiet to work in the war. Dogs sometimes go ahead of the soldiers to sniff if there are enemies about to attack. Still, dogs were able to sniff out enemies from 1,000 yards sooner than any man.

A dog is all ready to attack!!!
Here are some soldiers with their dogs. Ruff!

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