Engineer Career's

By Lukas Kovanda

Engineer Career:  Aeronautic Engineering

Description: As an Aeronautic Engineer you will do many things. You will work closely with other engineers in the making and design of aircraft. You are also responsible for the science behind aircraft, which must be recorded in a engineer's notebook. Job duties also entail maintenance, research, and the testing of planes or missiles. Also some Aeronautic Engineers will see how Aircraft effects the environment and will put this variable into the design.

Why I find this interesting: I find this interesting because I feel that I have all the correct skills for this job and am curious about flight. Some of the skills needed are critical thinking, being good at physics and math, having business and writing skills, work well with others, and having technological and mechanical skills.

Job Duties:

Maintenance of Aircraft

Research for more efficient ways of air travel

Testing and fixing Missiles for the military

Researching the effects that Aircraft has on the Environment

Maintenance on Space Vehicles

Maintenance on Satellites



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