Titanic Sinking in the year 1912

Travis Yates Period 6

Sequence of Events

The titanic was known as the ship that was "unsinkable". Well we know that isn't the case. The boat was very big and consisted of multiple levels. The upper floors were for the people who had the money and could afford the first class. These people were all informed on what to do if there was an emergency and how the lifeboats work. But for the poorer people who were located on the lower floors they weren't taught what to do if there was an emergency. They were left behind and accounted for many of the deaths of the ship.

This was not the only problem with the life boats. These lifeboats were not filled to max capacity. Each lifeboat could hold up to 65 people but were only being filled with 20 people. On the titanic there was not a lot of the lifeboats. There were 16 total lifeboats that were only rescuing about 320 people. If they were used to max capacity there would have been a total of 1,040 people saved.

The final event that could of prevent many deaths was the lazy crew the titanic had. They had been warned of icebergs a long time before they approached them. The crew did not tell any of the passengers what was happening which lead to a panic by all the people on the ship.  

Facts and Figures

The death count for the sinking of the titanic was 1,517 people. About 705 people survived the sinking. The amount of injuries was unknown because many people either died or survived. The boat cost about 7.5 million to build when it was constructed. This did not include the amount for food, clothes, and appliances that were also lost during the sinking. When the damages were added up it reached a total of about $12 million.

What was to blame and the physics behind the Titanic....

I feel the captain and the crew were a big part of the disaster. The captain and crew should have stopped when they saw the iceberg, warned the people on the ship, decreased the speed of the boat, and possibly changed the direction of the boat. The crew also could of prepared the ship with more lifeboats just incase something like this happened. More life's would have been saved if the ship was more equipped

It wasn't just the crews fault though. The structure of the titanic was not 100 percent. The rivets that held the ship’s hull together were not quality and not been placed in a uniform fashion. This made the hull significantly less sturdy than the rest of the ship. This had a negative affect on the condition of the ship. There was also talks of the steel plates being to weak for the huge ship. Metal fatigue occurs when a material is used to being loaded and unloaded. Cracks will eventually get to a big size and creates lots of stress. The structure will then fracture and the overall shape will be messed up. Also the quality of steal used for the titanic was not the best. If better steal was used the boat could of withstood the collision.

New Regulations, designs, and polices.

After the Titanic disaster we learned a lot for this tragic event. From then on every ship would be required to have enough lifeboat space for each passenger on board. It is now required for all passengers to perform lifeboat drills prior to the voyage. Ships also are required to keep a 24 hour radio watch to look for bad weather and ice bergs near the ship. Another direct result of the disaster was the formation of the International Ice Patrol, whose members are to scout icebergs (via aircraft radar) and warn ships of icebergs in the North Atlantic. Not only was this committee formed, but shipping lanes were moved further South, away from any potential icebergs. As you can see many steps were taken to improve people safety.

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