Alyssa Hamre

  • Friday, September 30, 2016, the Pocahontas Area football boys lost to Central Lyon/George-Little Rock with a final score of 6-33. Pocahontas Area’s quarterback, Jace Davidson, Sophomore, had 11 pass attempts with 5 complete passes giving Pocahontas 95 yards total, averaging 19 yards per completion.. Noah Anderson, Senior, led us in rushing with 17 attempts, giving Pocahontas 3.7 yards per carry, totaling 63 yards. Dane Hubbell, Senior, was not too far behind with 15 rushing attempts gaining 3.5 yards per carry. Cameron Callion, Junior, had 4 receptions for 84 yards, averaging 21 yards per catch. Tyler Behrendsen, Senior, was our only scorer the whole night, giving us 6 points total. Adam Brown, Senior, and Cameron Callion, Junior, led us in tackles with 6 solo tackles and 4 tackle assists. Dane Hubbell, Senior, had 2 kickoffs for 128 total yards, and Matt Kopriva, Junior, had 8 punts giving the Indians another 128 yards. Cameron Callion, Junior, had 2 kickoff returns for 39.5 yards per return, giving the Indians 79 yards total. Overall, the football boys fought hard but fell to the Central Lyon/George Little Rock Lions.