Julius Caesar , Gone but Never Forgotten

By:  Jake Brylka

A statue of Julius Caesar.

ROME- Julius Caesar was killed by members of the senate who are in search of a less power-hungry leader.

Caesar, stabbed 23 times by multiple senators on the Ides of March (15) in 44 BC.

" I came, I saw , I conquered." - Julius Caesar

If you have never heard of him, you are about to. He was born on 12 or 13 July 100 BC into the prestigious Julian clan.   He declared himself master of Rome; becoming a dictator for life in 44 BC. In government, Caesar was a long time member of the senate consul. He also had a stint in the military.  In 79 BC, he was awarded the civic badge for saving the life of a citizen in battle.

Military life wasn't the only one for him, he served as the governor of the roman province of Spain. If your wondering why he had so many jobs well actually his only three professions were writer, statesman , and general. His death is a very controversial subject being that he was a controversial man. Some liked him others didn't. Julius Caesar will be a man history can not erase. As Caesar said "Cowards die many times before there actual deaths."

A Portrait of Caesars death

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