30 seconds to mars movie reaction

The 30 seconds to mars record label dispute is obviously a very startling introduction on how the record business runs. Huge record labels trick young talented artists with millions of dollars of funding to make the platinum best selling album of their dreams. When in reality they are selling their souls to the devil and putting themselves in debt by the millions. For example, 30 seconds to mars sold 2 million copies of their very popular and successful album and found themselves with Practically no profit for themselves in the end. To top it all of they found themselves millions of dollars in "debt" to the major record label. It truly is a very unfair market and the record labels could care less about the artists and their work. all they care about is making their money and screwing over the young artists who were stupid enough to sign. To me a "fair" record deal would be the label doing all they can within the means of the artists demands to put them into the world. Supporting them no matter what album they decide to put out, and if the artist makes a bad album that is their fault and will suffer. if a band sells millions of copies on their album, i believe that most of the money should go back to the artist after the label had been realistically paid back for the help they provided. It is a messed up market but music will never die and people will find out how to sign and private lables will come up over the big labels eventually. they belive in music, not the money.

Movie poster evaluation

I would say that this movie poster was very successful. It definitely draws attention and makes people curious of the love story behind the famous titanic sinking. The quote at the top makes people want to see the movie and experiences the love story. The quote will make you think after seeing the movie seeing that the sea came between them not the earth. The bold picture the ship jumps out at the viewer and is the main piece of the poster. It really makes the viewer realize how truly big the titanic was in real life. The poster in its self makes it very clear what the movie is about and they did very good there too. People will want to know how the story goes and want to go see this movie by looking at this poster.

movie trailer evaluation

The people who made this trailer i would say did a very good job with the production. They made the anticipation unfold and make people aware of what is the continuation of the story in the series will be. Tons of action and violence is shown which for sure attracts a younger male crowd in general. A very bold and exciting sound track was installed into the video and it creates a lot of suspense. The trailer has a very suspenseful vibe and will make people want to see it even if they haven't seen the first movie in the series. Every movie that i have seen with a high quality trailer in the past has been a very good movie all together. Overall i would say they did a very good job making it look appealing for the public to want to go and see it.

Bands going without a label or on their own

Going alone in the music industry can be a very very risky thing to do. BI name record labels really help get a bands name out there. They have millions of dollars to advertise, promote, and show the world that you even exist and to check you out. Without the help of major record labels it can be very hard to get your name out there. Going alone also means not having the funding to produce the highest quality music you can with the most expensive equipment and technology. Everything in the music game costs and needs money. Rapper jay z got out of the big buisiness of record labels and made his own record label. He had already made a name for himslef and decided to go out on his own. The only thing he has to rely on is himslef making the best music he can to make the big bucks. Going alone in the music game is very risky but if an artist can make it then i would say that they should. its all big scam going with big labels.

Music piracy story

In the music industry are loads and loads of endless piracy and illegally receiving of music. A good example of piracy in the music industry is on The band System of a downs' 2002 album. In the production process of their album all of their songs in the making for the new album were leaked and posted onto the internet under the album name toxicity 2. The band was devastated over the and outraged over the loss they saw coming from the production of there second master piece album. To relate how they fought back against all odds to our marketing class they used a very good unexpected strategy. They had already realized that most of the unfinished album was into the public but true fans still stayed loyal and planned to buy the album. to fight against their poor situation they released there album with the name "steal this album". They wanted to make it clear they weren't giving up and that they didn't care what the world did as long as they made their fans happy. as a result of their gutsy choice the album still was just as successful as there past albums. Most people would consider it to be there favorite album and the simple case wit no booklet or writing makes it even better to know they can pull anything off. People can beat the struggles of the music industry, its all about how you play your cards.

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