Turkey  - Andrew and Jami

1. Cultural Etiquette in Public

* When two men or women meet for the first time they would typically shake hands with each other

* When a man or woman meet for their first time the man would typically kiss her hand

* When with friends or family there is not much personal space between them. It is very common to hug or kiss on the cheek when greeting

* When dining it can be seen a rude to not eat a lot of food or not eat everything that is on your plate

American Culture:

* All of these things are also very common here in the USA

3. Unique Holiday

* Victory Day

* National Holiday

* August 30th

* Celebrates the victory over the invading Greek forces in 1922 during their fight for independence

* Typically celebrated by taking the day off work or school to go to military parades

American Culture:

* A lot like Independence day in the US. Accept we celebrate it a lot differently from the turks. Instead we usually have parties and shoot off fire works

2. Weddings and Funerals

* Normally, Turkish weddings can last with a minimum of three days long.

* In the wedding there are two parts: the grooms and the brides. The grooms part of the wedding is more public and open to everyone. Whereas the brides portion of the wedding is inside her home and available for only women.

*Also, a traditional Turkish wedding does not include a brides maid or a best man.

* Turkish funerals usually happen the day that the person had passed.

*Then right after the funeral Pide , a thin flat bread topped with ground beef, onion, peppers, and spices, would be delivered to the family and friends. It was served with tea, or a cup of ayran, a salty yogurt drink.

American Culture:

*In American weddings you see lot of food, drinks, and flowers. They also have the traditional maid of honor and a best man.

*American funerals range widely based on everyone’s customs. Usually there is a ceremony and a viewing.

4. Mealtime and Popular Foods

* Turkish people usually prefer a rich breakfast in the morning. A typical Turkish breakfast consists of cheese, butter, olives, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, jam, honey, and kaymak.

* Homemade food is preferred my the Turkish people.

*A typical meal in the winter will have soup followed by a dish of steamed vegetables.

American Culture:

*American meals tend to have more grease such as bacon and sausages for breakfast.

*Most Americans could say they prefer fast food rather than a cooked meal, because fast food is more readily available with busy schedules.  


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