When I think about the Industrial Revolution the first thing that pops in my head is dirty. The people are dirty, the mills are dirty the kids are dirty and the machines are dirty . Even though the industrial revolution was a break through in history there was lots of problems. There was child labor which was a big deal that kept them from going to school. The people that worked in the factories had to sleep in the factories with other people living there think about how unsanitary that would be. The women in the mills or factories were taking care of there children in the factories while working they were very protective of them getting hurt. Which leads me into talking about limbs being cut off or taken away it was very sad in many ways the factories had big machines which was unsafe think about little kids being around big bulky machines that were sharp and very unsafe. The mines were also a health hazard if you saw pictures back then with them covered in black from the caves lots of people died from a disease caused from mining located in the lungs. That's what I call dirty what would you call the industrial revolution?

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