Moon's importance

Moon's role

The moon has alto of important roles .the moon is part of our every daily life. We need the moon to survive.The moon is like the earths best friend always there. The moon brings night and day. It is necessary for us to survive.

TIDES- The moon cause pulls on the water on earth towards it. This causes low and high tides. These tides affect a lot of people around the world. This affects people how live near water cause this makes the water go up and down at a certain time a day. This is one of the few reasons why the moon is so important.

PHASES- Phases change the way we can see the moon. During a full moon we can see the whole moon. This means that we can see outside because the moon is shining During a new moon we can't see outside cause it is pitch black cause the sun is not shining. The moon affects us at night by letting us see outside or not letting us see outside.

ECLIPSE -Eclipses can change what we see at night and day. During solar Eclipses the moon blocks out the sun. This makes the day as dark as night. During lunar Eclipses the moon goes through all the moon phases and turns red. This makes the moon appear red to us.
The moon is very important to us. The moon can change who it looks to us. It can change our life. The moon can also change the height of our water. We need the moon to survive. Let's just hope it doesn't fall in love with the earth and come closer or will be in gig trouble.

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