Australian Culture

Australian culture is our the way we behave and the rituals we take place in. That is just one kind of definition of culture, culture can also refer to the originality of someone. Luckily Australia is a multicultural country making it diverse and interning. Although this can make the definition of "Australian culture" become a bit of a burned line. If you are speaking about the culture of of the stereotypical Australian, which I will be covering in this blog.

Australian culture is based around the concept of freedom and having our own will do explore, discover and make mistakes without judgement. Australia is also based around equality, for example no matter who you are in no matter what nationality if you put in the hard work you will get what you desire. Although that isn't always the truth Australians base their morals around it.

I believe these are the reasons behind th Australian culture because it would explain why Australians are seen as a bit mental and out going in comparison to the other world. Although these are morals the Australia rituals that create our culture is going to the beach and getting extremely sunburn, going out on Friday and Saturday nights with friends and having a barbie on a warm sunny day and inviting all the neighbours along to it are all apart of the way we behave and have outlooks on life.