Honors: Chemistry Portfolio

By: Hajra Mian

Letter to Teacher:

Dear Mrs. Johnson,

My name is Hajra Mian. I’m from Pakistan but I was born in Chicago. I lived in Pakistan for a few years. Now and then my family visits, because of some complications I couldn’t visit for five years. I am sixteen years old. My birthday is on April fourteenth. My family has seven members. My parents are an essential part of my family. I have three brothers and one sister. I’m the eldest child in my family. I take interests in many things like traveling, playing badminton, basketball (sometimes), and reading. Two interesting facts about me are I am in the National Honor Society and I have been selected for the United States Academy Achievement.

My knowledge in chemistry is very broad. I took chemistry in seventh grade and I have done very well in that class. I have forgotten most of the things that I learned but overall, I really enjoy chemistry. I like doing the experiments and working with the different chemicals. There’s nothing really that I dislike about chemistry. I would like to learn more about the different chemicals and acids. I am very excited and curious to gain knowledge in chemistry.

My academic goals are to get an A in every class. Along with getting A’s, I want to understand the content that you( Mrs. Johnson) will teach me. I also want to get more organized and not doing projects/homework last minute. To achieve an A in chemistry, I will have to follow my academic goals. Also all of my homework is a must and studying for tests or exams. I am looking forward to chemistry class this year.


                                                                                                                               Hajra Mian

Intended Learning Outcomes and  Reflections:

1. Critical Thinker

ILO- Evaluate accuracy and error in one’s own experiment.

In this ILO, the definition of evaluate means “to judge or determine the significance.” Error is a mistake that happens in an measurements. They are two types of error in chemistry, the first one is systematic error and the other is a random error. A systematic error are constant but random errors are unpredictable. Accuracy is the act of being correct or precise. The rest of the ILO means that we have to find an error in one of our experiments, throughout the semester. In an experiment, we had to measure the table and everyone’s measurements were different. In this case it was a systematic error.

For this ILO, the artifact that I chose is  one of our labs in class that we did. This artifact is called the Metric Measurement Lab: Station 1H: Mass. In this lab, we had to take the various items listed in the lab: pencil/pen, plastic cup, scissors, note card, and paper clip and collect the mass of each object. This experiment shows my competency in this ILO, due to the fact that all of us in our groups had different calculations for each of the objects. In our case, this was a systematic error. I can tell this by because when we all went over the "actual ranking from lightest to heaviest.

2. Self-Regulated Learner

ILO- Design and carry out an experimental procedure from question to conclusion.

In this ILO, the definition of design is “a plan” and to carry out means to “make one or instruct out.” The rest of the ILO, in my interpretation means a lab.

For this ILO, I have chosen the Separating of Mixtures Lab. In this lab, Separating

Three Solids, our class was given a lab with a layout. We were only given safety rules and what was supposed to be in the lab. Basically, we had no instructions and we had to figure out with our lab partners the steps of the lab. For this lab, we were given three solids which were unknown to us. They were all mixed together, therefore, we had to find a way to separate the mixture. In this lab, at first, I did okay and got an 18.1. I did a rewrite for this lab and I got full marks which was 20. Due to this lab, I figured out how to neatly organize labs.  Therefore, I learned how to neatly organize and design the labs.

3. A Collaborator

ILO- Identify roles and contributions of group members.

In this ILO, the definition of identify means “to recognize.” The rest of this ILO means we have to know that all of our lab partners have a important role on our experiment.

For this ILO, I have chosen a lab. This lab was our crystals lab. In this lab, my group made crystals. We made crystals out of potassium, salt and copper sulfate. During this lab, I was absent, because I fell sick. I knew that I needed to finish my part of the lab. Therefore my lab partners and I shared a "Google Doc" with each other to finish our lab. In this ILO, I have shown competency, because during this lab, I understood how important is it is to every group member to collaborate. And if we didn't do that one person would have been stuck doing all the work.  

4. Problem Solver

ILO- Apply mathematical routines to describe the natural phenomena

In this ILO, the definition of apply is ” to make use of as relevant, suitable, or pertinent.” The rest of the statement means that we have to use math to prove a phenomena.

For this ILO, the artifact that I chose is a worksheet. This worksheet is called Lewis Dot Structures for Covalent Bonds. In some of the questions, on this worksheet we had to find the sum of valence electrons. This sheet also contains poly-atomic ions. To be honest, at first I was very confused on poly-atomic ions, just because we had to add an electron for each negative charge and had to subtract an electron for each positive charge. This made me so confused so I looked up YouTube Videos to help me. The YouTube videos helped me a lot. This artifact shows my competency in this ILO, because I used math to determine the total number of valence electrons.

5. Effective Communicator

ILO- Share research or experimental findings with a larger audience.

In this ILO, the definition of share means “to divide or to distribute.” The rest of the statement means to give your information to other people.

For this ILO, I have chosen my presentation. This presentation was a group project and we talked about the organization of the periodic table. This shows my competency in this ILO, because I gave information to my fellow classmates on how the periodic table is organized.

6. Responsible Student Committed To Justice

ILO- Develop informed opinions about controversial scientific issues.

In this ILO, the definition of develop is “to elaborate or expand in detail.” The rest of the statement means we have to have knowledge on the controversies in science.

For this ILO, the artifact that I chose is my paper. In this paper, I had to find out about nuclear technology and then we had a debate on the topic. I completed this ILO, through my paper, because after knowing all about nuclear energy, I completely disagreed with the fact of having nuclear technology. During our debate, the con side won. That shows the impact of my opinion really touched our audiences.

7. A Spiritual and Ethical Person

ILO- Differentiate between scientific knowledge and spiritual beliefs

In this ILO, the definition of differentiate means “to know what’s what.” The rest of this ILO means to know the difference in scientific knowledge and spiritual beliefs.

For this ILO, the artifact that I chose is our quotes. These quotes were our bell-ringers that we did everyday.  We were supposed to reflect on the quotes I showed my competency on this ILO, because  I connected my quotes to how I feel spiritually but I connected my scientific skills to my quotes. One of our quotes were "It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light." My reflection of this quote is that every time you are in a tough situation or you are depressed you need to look at the bright side. This quote also shows that during our sad time, that hope is the light for us.

Final Reflection:

I really enjoyed this year 's chemistry class. I had a great time learning everything there was to learn. I had great classmates and a wonderful teachers. The transition between Mrs. Johnson and Miss. Lesley threw me off. Regardless, I learned a lot of things that I know I have not knew before.

Due to this chemistry class, I have learned a lot about others, myself  and the world. I have learned how to speak up for myself. Before, this class I didn't talk as much but the group that I hanged out with really taught me how to make myself present in the class. I also learned that there is so much out in the world to learn. Because, of this class I learned something new everyday and for that I will always be grateful to this class. Content-wise, I learned a lot too! There hasn't been one day throughout the entire year that we didn't learn about something.

I will use this school year to improve my next year by making sure that I don't procrastinate. I think it should be better if I try to participate more in class. I was really disorganized this year, so I will learn my lesson and try to be more organized next year. In my letter of introduction, I said: I will try to maintain my grades, I think I did a pretty good job on that.

Chemistry will help in the future, for sure. Since, I want to go to the medical field, chemistry is a science subject which most medical students take. I know I will need to take it too! Therefore, I will need to know all the tips and topics, we have covered in this class.

Overall, it was a great year. I had loads of fun. I didn't even realize how fast the time went by. Our class was very quiet but we made some changes and we were quite successful. It still feels like it was yesterday when I was starting to learn chemistry. Today, I have learned so much. Anyways, it was a fun year of jokes, learning, making new friends, and experiencing the chemistry life.  

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