Important Egyptian Geographical Features

By:Heather LeBourgeois


Nile, Jordan, Euphrates, Tigris River

Nile River

The rivers are very important to the Egyptians. The rivers gave them food like fish and birds (that were close to the surface of the water). Also, the rivers provided a reed called papyrus. The papyrus let them make paper. Another reason the rivers are important is because it is the easiest and fastest way to travel to trade. The rivers also gave them water and that is especially important because rainfall is almost like non-existent in Egypt.  And most important of all,  the rivers gave them great farming land ( especially the Nile). This happened because when it flooded it left black silt (rich mud) and the silt is excellent soil to plant seeds in.       


Syrian, Libyan, Arabian, Nubian, and Negev Desert

All of the deserts were used for protection. They would keep the neighboring countries from not invading . Also, it is a source for metals and stones. Some of the minerals were limestone, sandstone, granite, amethyst, copper and gold.


Zagros, Lebanon and Taurus Mountain

The Mountains of Egypt were protection from invading enemies. Also, the snow on the mountains flows into the Nile River which makes it flood and when it floods it makes rich soil for crops.