Act 1

Act 1, Mercutio , Kyle Jung, Period 4

I heard that in Verona street, the Montagues and the Capulets had a quarrel starting from small conflicts and  bitting thumb at each other.The servants gets into a conflict  after making sexual jokes. Then, Benvolio came to stop the fight however, Tybalt took out the sword and pick a fight. I don't understand why both families fight over something that is totally stupid? Why do you need to fight just because of a servants doing leg-pulling with 'sexual jokes?' Can't anybody just laugh off and enjoy the time we have? Thankfully, Paris came up to stop the huge chaos or else, there might have been huge incidents. I heard that he warned both houses that if they fight again someone will die. As soon as they realize the situation they went back to their houses. Romeo is a fool. Romeo always falls in love with Rosaline. Idiotic Romeo,  He is so naive that he doesn't know that this is desperate love. She doesn't like him at all. Why would he overcome a hard relationship that wouldn't work. He can love other girls! Benvolio suggested Romeo to crash the party and find the new love. I strongly supported the idea  so we all went to the party. Suddenly Romeo disappeared. Where the heck he went? Did he depart to find Rosaline and fall in love again? I even feel sympathy for him.

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