Shale Gas Plays Increase Demand for Mineral Rights; Flatiron Energy Partners Helps Property Owners

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DALLAS, Texas (Nov. 18, 2013) – As more and more shale gas plays are discovered, more property owners are contacted about selling their mineral rights. While this can create tremendous opportunities for landowners, those opportunities can come with risk.

Flatiron Energy Partners, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, can help landowners navigate the sometimes challenging environment in which mineral rights are sought, by reputable companies and those that are not as reputable.

Flatiron is a privately funded oil and gas mineral acquisition firm founded by oil and gas industry professionals to buy mineral rights and royalties in several basins across the United States. Their team of royalty experts strives to deliver straightforward and confidential transactions in an efficient and timely manner.

The heart of domestic energy production lies beneath the feet of property owners willing to sell their mineral rights. Every bit of energy produced in the United States is energy we do not have to buy from unstable and hostile regions.

Flatiron is actively looking for persons who want to sell mineral rights and oil royalties. If you have mineral royalties for sale, Flatiron offers a royalties evaluation to determine what mineral interests you may possess on your property. From there, Flatiron can make you an offer to buy these mineral rights.

Their goal is to make it as easy as possible for the individual mineral and royalty owner to convert oil and gas rights and royalties to cash. So, if you are trying to make the decision to sell minerals rights in some of the energy plays in Texas or Ohio, Flatiron is the company that can guide you through that process.

If you would like Flatiron to evaluate your mineral or royalty interests and make an offer, please contact their team or fill out the property evaluation form on their website at Once you do that, a Flatiron company representative will contact you, putting their knowledgeable staff of industry experts in your corner. Flatiron can help to identify the honest market value of your mineral rights and make a reasonable offer to buy them.

Whether you want to sell your mineral rights or just want to get a better idea of what they are worth, please contact Flatiron Energy Partners today on the Internet or at 1 (740) 449-2164.

Flatiron can help to answer any questions you might have regarding the selling of mineral rights, different types of royalties, the acquisition process or any other items of concern that you may have. Flatiron has built its business on a foundation of honesty and fairness with the intention of building a mutually beneficial relationship with their clients.

Find out today if your mineral rights can make a difference in your families' life. Call Flatiron to sell mineral rights or to simply find out more about the value beneath your feet.

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