Sport as a tool to fight corruption


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Football is one of the sports that pull people together of all sectors, which encompasses, race, economic, political, religious among the rest. Holding this in mind and accountabilitylab been an organization that works new innovative ideas to help contribution global stability and development, chose sport as a medium to preacg good governance and fight corruption in the Liberian society.

Holding this constant, on February 1, 2014, accountabilitylab hosting her second kick out corruption sport compaign in the ELWA community on Carver mission school sport pitch with youth age ranging from 9-30 years old. The focus on this age group is from the back ground youth are the feature of every nation in the world and started teaching the concept of good governance and anti-corruption will lead stable,development, positive growth and corrupt free society.

Topics taught in this exercise included cheating, bribery, robery, tribalism, corruption and nepotism. Having gone through the exercise, this whatCoach Gborboe T.Gblinwon, the organizer of the exercise has to say to accountabilitylab, sponsor organization of the program;

  • Like i said on December 7, 2013 on Tubman High school sport pitch on 12 street, i am bringing to mind because this day was my first experience in the field of sport to come across such a wonderful lesson that explain to me causes leading the under performance on players and coach in every parts of the world. I even want to say that this exercise to go deep into government and other private sectors so that all administrators and managers can see some of the basic things that are delaying our development in Liberia.
  • If this kind of training can go across all sectors, will make corruption to go away because if you are in the position teach anti-corruption, you will be careful with what you do. This is also necessary for family because the first institution of learning is the family and if children in the families are exposed to this, their upcoming with be very much positive.

When the players were also quize for the view about the exercise, they said;

  • When the game is cheated in my favor, it can be fine because anything will be goo and it will make me to win the game, said Trokon Sieweon
  • I don’t feel fine when the cheating is done in mu favor because it will make me lazy, so I will not want either bribery, tribalism, cheating or any other unfair activity to be done in the sport, said, Richard Saykiamien
  • It is always good for FIFA to not favor one team, it is good be neutral, Tony B. Kpahn commented
  • I feel bad if the referre is always against me on the field, it will creation serious negative tension in the game. To be sure, this game is not good with tension because football is to be one of the most unifying tool, Winston O. Anthony said.
  • I feel bad when the game was against me because I went to field to win but the cheating was too broad so I feel weak and I even wanted to leave the game, Thomas O. Martin commented.
  • All what we are learning about leads to killing of career in anybody, they are all bad in any form, Moses Chea.

Even those who came to weakness the exercise enjoyed and the said, from what they have learned will help them to bring a change in their society and they suggested that we should a national kick out corruption sport day in Liberia. According to them, it will help to easily and widely spread the campaign against corruption.

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