Real life to movie

The HIV virus was not really popular in the earlier years; there were not a lot of people that knew that this disease existed. It became more popular in the 70s and is still popular today. Now, almost everyone in the world knows what it is. At first, people didn’t know how to contract the virus so they were afraid of the people who were infected. In the 70s the virus spread easily because people didn’t knew about the virus so they were doing drugs by using infected needles and they were not protected in the sexual intercourse. It became popular when “a pandemic developed from the end of 1970s, making of this disease a world sanitary problem”. The subject is so popular that some people did movies about it. For example I am going to write about the movie Philadelphia.

In the movie Philadelphia, directed by Jonathan Demme, the main character, Andre Beckett has aids and we can see how it is hard to live for someone who as it. First one man in the movie thinks he was infected just because he touched the hand of Andrew, so we can see that at the time not a lot of people knew about the subject. Second it is hard for him to live because he’s fired from his job and thinks it’s because he have aids. In the movie you can see the struggle the principal character as to pass through, because people are judging and making fun of him. People are afraid of the disease, because they don’t have enough knowledge on the subject. The movie is good because it show the hard reality of the people who as to live with it. For example at the beginning of the movie, we can see Andrew in shape and healthy, but at the end his hair is white, he’s really tired and weak. In brief the movie talks well about the way people have to live with aids and all the prejudices others make about the problem.

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