The American Dream

By: Maria Schreiber

To me the American Dream revolves around wealth and money. Its the thought of having the nice things that you don't have at the time being.

Gatsby's American Dream

Chapter 8 Page 149

"Eventually he took Daisy one still October night, took her because he had no real right to touch her hand."

Example 1

Gatsby buys the house right across the bay from Daisy thinking that one day she would wonder into one of his parties.

Example 2

He wants Jordan to talk to Nick about inviting Daisy over so he will finally get to see her and get what he's been wanting for years.

Example 3

Gatsby wants to go back into the past and make things how they should be. He wants to do things the right way this time.

Example 4

Gatsby is will to hide the real truth of what really happened if it means keeping Daisy. He's not willing to just run away.

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