How To Move House With Your Dog

Relocation is always a demanding and overwhelming process. But imagine how stressful it must be for your four-legged companion. There is no way to make your dog understand the house shift before it actually happens. So it's only normal for your canine friend to be disturbed and afraid of the unknown. A change of setting can even cause some kind of depression to more temperamental dogs. Changes in behaviour and even aggression are also possible to occur as a result. The good news is dogs are quite adjustable in general, and will adapt to their new home quickly enough if you follow a few simple rules of thumb.

1. Pay A Visit To The Vet

The very first step you should make is to go to your vet a couple of weeks before the move. They will make sure your dog is perfectly healthy and the house change will not reflect on its well-being. In addition, ask your vet for some professional advice on how to make the move easier on the canine. The doggy doctor is also your go-to guy to recommend you another veterinary clinic in a close proximity of your new home.

2. Get The Dog Familiar With Your New Residence

A clever strategy is to walk your dog around the new house a few days before you move. Let it explore every corner of the property and try out its new playground. Your furry friend will feel much calmer during the actual relocation if it's already acquainted with the place. Spend some quality time together in your new dwelling, play some games, and make the pup feel comfortable and at ease in the new house. Also, this is the right time to scout the property, and check if there is anything to cause danger or discomfort to your dog (poisonous vegetation in the garden, hazardous items to chew on, or any leftover building materials, which might be potentially harmful).

3. Distract The Pup

Bring new toys to the doggy in the days before the relocation. Distract its attention with more playtime and treats. Take walks more frequently, this will wear it down. Make the strolls longer and more eventful, take your friend to its favourite parks and dog playgrounds. Give the pup more opportunities to socialise with other canines. Feed your dog its favourite food. Now is as good of a time as any to spoil the furry fellow. With so much delights around, the move will be a lot easier on the puppy.

4. Plan The Move Carefully

Leave the dog's belongings for last when packing. This will leave at least some sense of security in your pet. Once you arrive at the new house, put in place the pup's accessories first, and let the dog go inside only after everything is ready. This will indicate the property is its new home. Additionally, the inconvenient buffer time when you are packing and preparing the move is also the time you will arrange for the last big clean up of your old place. Think of your dog's safety and choose an end of tenancy cleaning company, which is eco-friendly and uses green cleaning products. This way you can be confident chemical detergents will not harm your canine friend.

Straight after you move in, give some time to the pet to walk around and explore the new residence. You can continue with the spoiling regimen for a while longer. Playing around the house with the dog will make it feel more comfortable at its new home and will shorten the adaptation period. But be patient and give the pup a couple of weeks to fully get used to your new dwelling.

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