Fruits for Weight Loss

It's becoming more important now than ever before to lose weight and keep our weight at a healthy level – not only will open up opportunities for us and allow us to pursue a much better quality of life, but it will also protect us from numerous healthy concerns that we may face in the future. Even those who are the slightest bit overweight are more prone to cardiovascular disease so it's important to take action right now to control our weight.

One of the biggest reasons why people struggle to control their weight is because they simply can't get accustomed to eating a healthy, balanced diet. An easy way to do this however, is to start eating more of the fruits that you like, or even better eating different fruits that have an array of health benefits and can be a huge plus for us when we are trying to lose weight.

We have compiled a list of some of the best fruits that you can consume for weight loss. Each of these fruits has their own distinct advantages and thus for the most benefits you might want to incorporate more than one of these fruits into your daily diet.


Coconut is a fruit that pretty much everyone should have in their diet – not only is it great for your taste-buds, but it is also full of vitamins and minerals that are going to provide you with numerous health benefits and allow you to lose more weight than you otherwise would be able to. It's important to note however, that there is quite a lot of fat contained in coconuts and even though some of these are fats that are healthy for us, there are also bad fats.

With this in mind it's a good idea to limit consumption of coconuts and only consume them in moderation – they provide us with an abundance of health benefits and can help us lose weight but we must watch out for the high amount of fat.


This is a great fruit to add into your daily diet as it has been proven to reduce your body fat without you making any other changes in your diet or lifestyle. Pair this with this fact that it is a great tasting fruit and easy to incorporate into your diet, there really is no reason not to be eating it!

A study was conducted recently on the effectiveness of grapefruit for weight loss – the study concluded that those who eat at least one serving of grapefruit every day will find it much easier to lose weight in the long-term.


Even though the fat content of an avocado might be quite high, this doesn't take away from the fact that these fats are very healthy and actually help us lose weight! The fats that you will find in an avocado are mainly omega-9 fats – such as the ones found in olive oil. In addition to that, avocados can boost our metabolism and allow us to lose weight at much faster rate than we would otherwise.

It should be noted though that the calories in an avocado are quite high and so you should limit your consumption to perhaps just one every day or every other day.


Watermelon is a great fruit to add into your diet if you are trying to lose weight, not just because of the abundance of benefits that it can provide you with but also simply because it tastes great and you will have no problem eating a lot of it!

One of the best things about watermelon is that it is a fruit that is low in carbohydrates meaning that it doesn't provide the body with a lot of energy that can be turned into fat if unused. In addition to this, watermelon is also considered as a watery fruit, simply meaning that it contains a lot of water and thus can help rehydrate you – and keeping yourself hydrated is very important when trying to lose weight!

So to conclude, we have listed four of the best fruits above that can help you lose weight. These fruits are not just great for helping you lose weight however, but they are also quite easy to incorporate into your nutrition plan, are easy to find in the supermarket, and don't taste terrible!

When trying to lose weight it's crucial to get your diet right and come up with a solid weight loss program – adding at least one of these fruits into your diet will provide you with a lot of benefits and will make it that little bit easier for you to achieve your goals.

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