Two Days in Taipei

A Decision-making Task (three students per group)

After today’s class, you are required to work as a group of THREE to complete a decision-making task via computer technologies at home. Please read the following task instruction carefully:

Your American friends, April and Chris (aged 20 and 21, respectively), would like to have a short stay (May 17~18, 2014. 2 days from morning till midnight) in Taipei. As their friend, you feel you should welcome them by introducing characteristic Taiwanese food and some tourist attractions in Taipei. Given that they will be staying in Taipei for only TWO days, what will be your top priorities, then? (This will be the first time that both April and Chris visit Taipei, Taiwan.) In making your decision and reaching a consensus among all the group members, three questions should be taken into consideration:

  • (1) What are the must-see tourist attractions in Taipei?
  • (2) What are the characteristic Taiwanese food?
  • (3) Do I come to the decision based upon my experience only? Do I search relevant online information (e.g., fact, official statistics) to support my decision?

Please discuss with your group members using English in TodaysMeet ( and, after you finish, upload your chat log onto the forum named “Two Days in Taipei: A Decision-making Task” in Moodle.The final decision of each group, along with a brief explanation of how your group arrives at the decision should be posted onto Tackkboard (click on or search Two Days in Taipei on the main page of Tackkboard ). There is no word limit for this particular online task. Feel free to reach me at if there is any question you have.

The following are some English websites introducing Taiwanese food and scenic spots for your reference:

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