Marona King, Mrs. Jenkins, AFM, December 19, 2013

For Qualitative I asked a question on "Whats your favorite class?" The class was broke into groups and we did surveys once the surveys were over I put all information I gathered into a frequency chart and made a histogram also, found the percentages on how many students shared the same favorite class. The Most Favorite class was Health/PE "Mode". When I chose this question I knew Health and PE would be chosen the most and it was. My group went to Ms. Cash class which is an avid class I think the class did enjoy this activity. Asking this question is interesting because its a common question but the results are always different. If I did follow ups I would ask if the class was serious about the answers they gave.

For Quantitative I chose to the gather information on "How Many Pictures do you take a day" we were broke into groups and went into a class room to do surveys I had to do a frequency I put my numbers into a group The mean of the information I go was 23.7, The median was 3, The mode is 5, the range is 999 and the standard deviation is 115.3 followed by finding the mean, median, mode and range I had to make a Histogram and a box and whisker. I chose this question because I was curious about this I really wanted to know. For this survey it was also ms. cash class that we went into the participants enjoyed it was interesting because you never know what type of answer you're going to get out of the people surveyed. If I did follows up for this question I would ask them if they had the chance to do this project would they.

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