XxDigital CitizenshipXx


Being a good digital citizen is being safe online by not giving anyone your private information such things like your email and passwords or where you live. (address or house number) Also don’t give anyone your name (first and last) or don’t tell anyone what school you go to. And also be nice online don’t bully anyone you don’t know. Thats called cyberbullying,is an example of calling people things online or posting embarrassing posts about them without telling them it to their face. And if someone ever tries to get any personal information out of you block them or just show an adult. And in that case if you're a person thats getting cyber bullied don’t listen to them those are people who are trying to bring you down just do the right thing block them or show someone.

Oh one more thing if you're a person thats bullying anyone online (cyberbullying) or just bullying someone stop! like i'm for real stop! its not funny its just messed up hurting other people because their different is just wrong being different is a good thing because if the world was full of people that were just like me or you that would be very boring. Anyway why in the in the world would you want to hurt anyone just think about it what if that person was you would you think it would be funny?? No. I thought so. Look a lot of people committed suicide just because other people and that… that will just haunt the rest of your life just knowing that someone killed themselves because of something stupid you did just to hurt them.




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