Okay For Now
Drew Madras

March 24, 2015
Memory Moment

The book begins with an introduction through a detailed flashback that really achieves in properly setting the mood. In this flashback, it illustrates how the majority of Doug's life has gone so far. It is an example and a standard for the type of situations he finds himself in and having to deal with. It starts by showing how he had received a baseball cap from the player Joe Pepitone of his favorite team the New York Yankees. This shows that good things do in fact happen in his life. Although, it is directly followed by demonstrating how many of the good things that happen to him are often ruined and taken away by his brother who then proceeded to trade it to a friend. The cap kept being traded from person to person for items of lesser and lesser value until it was lost in which Doug had come to the conclusion that it had found its way into a local gutter.

March 25, 2015
Again and Again

Doug is constantly stressing over and over again how it is almost always a "wrong day" when it comes to this father. He obviously has issues with him and he is mentally and physically abusive. I feel as if there is more to it being wrong day than just how his father is feeling. I personally think that there is a more broad meaning. I feel like he uses this to rationalize in a way. I'm not saying that he doesn't see his father as a bad person, but I feel like he is either unable to accept how his dad is or he has come to accept him and his ways and just deal with it. He is a very disrespectful husband and father, and he is doing nothing but putting emotional stress on the rest of his family. He uses the terminology to express that not just some days are a wrong day, but all days are a wrong day. Its not like he feels that certain days are wrong, he is saying all days are wrong when his father is around. It is expressing the fact that every day is a wrong day and there is nothing he can do to change it. 100% of the days so far have been wrong days, and I am willing to bet that all days are a wrong day.

March 26, 2015
Contrasts and Contradictions

When Doug first arrives in Marysville, he came across a girl and acted different than he usually did. When he meets this girl, she asks him a question and he gives her a rude response. He was just overall acting like a jerk. He even realizes this himself and compares himself to how Lucas acts when he is being as mean as possible. He didn't want to act like that, so he changed his mind and tried to be nice, although she had already judged him to be a bad person. I felt somewhat surprised that he acted this way, although I know that I probably would have done the same if I was in his situation. It surprised me that he would act like Lucas because he is not the type of guy that strikes me as acting that way. He even hoped that the girl would trip on the stairs. I understand that he is upset at her for  getting the wrong idea about him, but that is just mean if you want that to happen. He had his chance to make a first impression and he blew it.

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