From the test, my results showed that I am social and enterprising. The top 3 career goals I chose were a teacher, nurse, and a social worker. Once I narrowed it down my top choice was a nurse.

The college I would attend would be Drexel University College of Nursing and Health Professions. The reason why I would attend this college is because this college provides a rich environment for students to develop skills in evidence-based practice, teaching, medical informatics, research, and leadership in the healthcare industry.

The salary of a Registered Nurse can be less than $43,410 or it could be more than $92,240 per year. A RN may earn up to an average of $27.29 an hour. Registered Nurses who have been employed are getting the highest salaries with an average yearly salary of $68,160. The Registered Nurses who are being employed in the hospitals can earn up to an average of $63,880 per year and those working in the doctor’s offices can earn up to a yearly average of $ 59,210.

The clubs/organizations I will be apart of is The Nursing Learning Community, Nursing Student Council (NSC), Student Nurses’ Association (SNA)