The Gardener by S.A. Bodeen

Christine Ortiz

- Evolution is diversified from during the history of the earth In The Gardener, evolution is important because it is about history of the earth.

- A heterotroph is an organism deriving its nutritional requirements from complex organic  substances In The Gardener they talk about heterotroph learned complex organis substances.

- Protosynthesis this snail can photosynthesis In The Gardener the process by which green plants and some other organisms use sunlight to snythesize form carbon dioxide and water.

- Hetertroph I searched for the word we'd just learned that decribes organism that have to get organism  their nutrients In The Gardener an organism deriving its nutritional requirements from complex organic substances.

- Is the father the Gardener? yes, Mason father is the Gardener, Mason was very surprise that his father was the Gardener.

- Are the teenagers plants grown from the greenhouse? yes, that are human plants, the book Mason was very scare that he saw the human plants.

- The karner blue is an endangered subspecies of small blue butterfly which was once found in significant numbers in the miller beach community of the Indiana Dunes National Park.

- The karner blue is important in the Gardener is beacuse is the Karner Blue's lifecycle depends completely on  one plant the wild lupine.Karner Blue butterfly eggs each year.

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