This is a picture of me in my football uniform during one of my football games. I love football, in fact I love all sports, even though I only play two, I wrestle and play football. My favorite thing to do is play sports. If I had to choose between the two though i would probably choose wrestling because I believe I am better at it.

Three things you should know about me!

I love Music

I really like listening to music it gets things out of my head. It basically clears my mind so when I am listening to music it feels like i'm in my own little world.

I have been wrestling since I was five

Wrestling is by far my favorite sport. There's nothing like winning a long match of wrestling, its the greatest thrill. I have been wrestling my whole life, so i'm pretty good, I think.

I am always on an electronic device

Although its probably not the best, I enjoy being on electronic devices a lot. Its what I was born into I guess. Now a days all that's used is technology. I'm just keeping up with the modern world, and I cant really complain.

My Goals

After High School I hope to go to college and get a degree. I feel like today without a collge degree you dont have a good

After High School I plan on attending college for a degree. I fell like today without a degree in something you aren't going to get super far in life. I don't want to "just get by" I want to actually do something have a good job and make good money. To do that I have to start in high school I need to get grades and behave if I want to be accepted to a college.

Go to states for wrestling!

I have wrestled all my life and I want nothing more then to go to states for wrestling. At my age, this is as far as you can get for wrestling I would love to be a state place winner. To achieve that I need to start now working harder in the wrestling room and strength and endurance training.

Travel around the world

I have never been out of the state before and when I get older I definitely want that to change. I want to see the world and live my life to the fullest. I want to see everything that can be seen go everywhere that you can go i want to do and try it all. This a very difficult goal, but with a college education, good job, and dedication it could definitely be done.

I really want to visit... New York City!

I have always been attracted to New York City. With all of its lights, endless stores or shops, and building this place has endless things to do. I have wanted to go here ever since the first time I heard about it, and I would really like to go on New Years Eve to watch the ball drop that would be very cool.

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cool that was awsome.

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my name is zachary