Discovery Middle School

The theme of Discovery Middle School is teamwork is key . This is shown in Discovery and the outside world based on the things I see everyday.  

Many outside world places have to use teamwork to do what ever they are doing. Some examples of outside world places that use teamwork are. Restaurants, work places like Children's Mercy or Cerner, Stores (Walmart, Target).

Band and Orchestra have to work together to sound good.

Many class take teamwork. Those classes include Band, Orchestra, Science, FACs, Bravo. Teamwork  is a very important to success. A way to have good teamwork is to listen to and understand each other.

This is a picture of two computer students that have fatal vision goggles on.

These boys are having to work together because with fatal vision goggles on you tend to stumble or fall. This is not a everyday example though. Many people us teamwork everyday.  

WEB stands for Where Everybody Belongs. The point of WEB is to work together as a team.

The two pictures above are of the trophy cases in the hall way to the gym. The teams that win the trophy's have to work together to win.  

This is why many schools and outside world places have to work together to be successful.

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