Copyright Friendly Media

Be responsible when finding and using media online.  

Below are 2 pictures of Zebras.  One is great for a school project and the other is not.

How do you find and determine what you can use?

As digital creators we must be aware of any restrictions on the media we use.

There are many legal ramifications when you use media without permissions, but in addition, as digital creators ourselves, we want to be respectful of the rights of others and their creations.

Do you need media for your project?

To explore the lesson about using images and Google, you can click here.

Finding and Using Media

Can you make it?

  • If you want to include an image, video, or music, is this something that you can create yourself?
  • You don't have to worry about permissions if you made it yourself.

If you can't (or don't want to make your own) try our databases.

  • We have access to great academic media through our subscriptions.
  • Explore images and video from your school databases.

Still looking? Try these links:

You can also explore media available through Creative Commons.

What is the Creative Commons?

Creative Commons allows creators to keep rights to their media, but also allow others permissions to use and explore their media (with restrictions).

Explore Creative Commons Media with these Links

For more information about copyrights and Creative Commons you can explore here.

When using free media from the provide Creative Commons sources YOU are the "licensee."