Survival for Selenium

By Austin Fall
Block 1

Selenium can be used in food to keep you healthy and have the right amount of vitamin in your body.

The reason you should choose Selenium is because it will keep you fit and healthy.  Also, it could help you with fighting new bacteria on the planet.  And maybe the creatures there are allergic to it.  So then you could be safe while exploring around and finding new materials to bring back to earth.  Selenium is small and in little spheres, so they are very easy to carry around in your pocket or backpack.  

Selenium isn't used in much, but the thing it is used in are very helpful for your health.  It is in lots of vitamins and pills that help your body process it's needs to function well.  On the periodic table of elements the atomic number is 34 and is a metal, it is also small and hard.  Also, it is not to acidic, otherwise you would not be able to eat it in pills and vitamins, so your body CAN digest it.

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