Techno-Dino, Ms. T-Rex

coming to life in the digital age!!!

Greetings from Washington State!

I am blessed to live in the ever-green state and serve alongside the people of Zion Lutheran Church in Camas, WA. I am a MDiv student in DL Cohort 5 and part way into my third year of studies. Most of my family lives in the Willamette Valley (in Oregon), where I grew up. I also have one sister in Chicago. I enjoy experiences that help me understand life in new ways from art to music to classes to conversation to a nap on a long day.

I am 14 minutes from PDX in an area rich with parks, trees, lakes, rivers, a few mountians and amazing people!

This clip makes me bust a gut. In truth, I watched three times before I got the joke about "selfie." So much room for this Techno-Dino to come to life! “CLAH! (Cackle Like A Hen)”

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