Thing i like

you know what  , i like to think about someone ,care about some person ( i mean love  ) _. a first day at school i meet her and just ( u know just like friends ) we was be best friends and everything we did just make everyone around jealous < we have fun together > and one day i don't  know why i just thinking about her { when i closed my eyes i  saw her } and [when i open my eyes i feel like i am miss her ]. her always by my side , sad or happy her always share with  me , < her said her like me > that time i don't care about what her said , but now i know her gonna change school next year , [ her don't tell me about that ] i don't know what i feel now when i write this thing , all day all night of whole summer  i just miss and think about you [ can i say ] i love you [you always stay in my heart] everything i feel in here is all about you [ love you Tram ]

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2 years ago

hi im done