1. I hope to have a future in art so I thought I would take a picture of multiple art mediums.

2. I like how some of it is black and white while some of it pops out and catches your attention.

3. I would make it somewhat sharper and more defined.

4. I used the coffee shop vivid action.

Starts with R

1. For "starts with R" I immediately thought of rain.  When it rains things are dripping all over the place and things get filled with water.

2. I like how I caught the drop when it was just about to fall.

3. I would center it so more of the bowl is showing.

4. I used the nelly nero time capsule action.

In my hands

1. When thinking of "In my hands" I soon thought about the future and how it's always in the next generations hands.  Our future should be centered around making the world a better place.

2. I like how on the leaves some of them are faded, like how the possibilities of this happening are becoming increasingly slim.

3. I would take it so the fingers don't look so long.

4. I used the ghost stories action.

5. This was my favorite picture of this week, how it could mean anything and could be interpreted many different ways.

Under my feet

1. I thought of this as where we come from.  Most of us come from a place like Cresco, a place where its mostly farmland and to most people thats all that matters.

2. I like how it's washed out and faded.

3. I would have taken it so more of the shoes were showing.

4. I used the nelly nero day dream action.