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Many traditional foods in Guatemalan cuisine are based on Maya Cuisine and prominently feature corn, chilis and beans as key ingredients.

This has also been influenced by other spanish cuisines such as Mexican cuisines and Honduran Cuisines.

This is our Guatemalan Tamales. We usually always eat them with bread and they are very classic for christmas and New years.

Pollo Guisado is also a delicious Guatemalan dish.


Guatemala has a culture of carrying things with their head every time they go buy something or anytime they have something to carry. These typical uniforms are also to be worn by the ladies. It tightens their waste to get nice curves. But they dress like this all the time as a part of guatemalan culture.

Other important aspects of their culture is hard work, respect, unity, and family most importantly.


Thousands of years ago, a group of people called the Maya  lived in the land now known as Guatemala. Ruins of their ancient cities and religious structures can still be found scattered throughout the country. Today there is a mixture of the Mayan religion and Catholicism.

                                                        TYPE OF GOVERNMENT

                                             REPRESENTATIVE AND DEMOCRATIC

                Lets not forget where we come from. A little about Guatemala on Youtube.com


3 problems the country has....
       1. education
2. health
  3. robbery

1. To train more teachers and tutors so children can get the education they need. Involve parents in their childrens education and make fundraiser so more people can help schools get more fundings.

2. exercise often and avoid obesity. Always eat healthy and keep ur exams up to date. get involved in programs to help u keep ur energy high. more health services.

3. to not wear nice jewlery unless you're going to a nice event. stay home be safe don't go out unless u need to. always keep your doors locked and keep your family and children safe.

Your opinion id you would like to visit this country and why?

In this country you can see many beautiful places such as parks, mountains, stores, water parks, amuesment parks, and nature. Also half of my family lives here I haven't seen them in about 5 years. This is my moms side of the family.

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