Mobile Learning

K-12 students

#1 Brain Blast

What is it?

Brain Blast is an easy to use app that tests students simply math skills while training your brain. It maximizes brain power by using working memory and enabling quicker processing of information and solving problems. This app will increase concentration and focus on everyday tasks.

Using this mlearning app for 5 minutes per day can have many long term benefits of continuous use:

  1. - Improved concentration
  2. - Enhanced creativity
  3. - Faster reaction time
  4. - Increased memory
  5. - Heightened attention
  6. - Better focus
  7. - Improved problem solving skills
  8. - Superior alertness

How it can be used?

Teachers can use this app quickly throughout the day, giving students a break from their daily routine. By giving students the incentive to play games on their mobile devices such as the iPad, they will unwillingly know they are learning beneficial skills at the same time. This mLearing app only costs $4.99 on iTunes and is easy to download and use, also very age appropriate.

#2 Note Trainer - Sight Read Music (Music Lesson Mobile Learning App)

What is it?

Note trainer is a helpful tool to help music teachers when teaching students how to read music. This app is more aimed at Elementary students because music classes are still implemented at this grade level, and only optional at higher grades. This app takes ancient techniques of reading music on a manuscript and turns it digital. Mobile devices such as the iPad can read the music and have students identify the note name and the chord name. Advancing their understanding and ability to read and understand music. This app is available for $2.99 on iTunes, and is ready to use as soon as it's downloaded

#3 Blackboard Mobile Learn

What is it?

The Blackboard Mobile™ Learn app gives students and teachers access to their courses, content, and organizations on a variety of mobile devices including Android, BlackBerry and iPhone/iPad OS. By using Blackboard Learn it implements an engaging and intuitive way to keep students connected to their school work outside of school. With the increased use of mobile devices students will easily be able to access school work, quiz/assignment reminders, and much more. Students and instructors can access documents in multiple formats, read announcements, create discussion threads, upload media, create content items within the course map, comment on blogs and more—all on the mobile devices they love. This app is available on iTunes for a life time-rental use of $5.99.

                                                             Blackboard Learn

#4 iBooks - The new textbook for iPad!

What is it?

iBooks is a 21st century mobile learning app that has replaced the standard textbook and enhanced it through the use of technology. Now textbooks can be easily accessed through mobile devices, more specifically the iPad making it a hands on, visual tool more advanced than ever imagined. Textbooks are now not just reading they're interacting with us, like an online study partner. iBooks is available on iTunes and can be purchased for free, extras are the price of each textbook.

A unique feature of iBooks is by using your finger as a highlighter when reading any textbook in iBooks. Just swipe over any text or math expression and it’s highlighted. Tap a highlighted section and a palette appears. Change colors, switch to underlining, or add a note instantly. Then switch to the Notes view to see all your notes and highlights organized in one place, making it a cinch to search or go back to the highlighted sections of the book.

#5 TAPit Free APP- "The new answer pad"

What is it?

The TAPit Free student application is used in conjunction with
It is a cutting edge technology to engage your students in a 21st-century learning environment. Delivering and capturing data from any device by using a Web browser or the TAPit Free iPad app. With its flexible access and time-saving functionality, TAPit is an ideal tool for your flipped or blended classroom.

A unique feature is that the Answer Pad scores your paper quizzes for you. Sets up an electronic answer sheet for your paper test on-line, using any of the eight different question types. Students can also use a scratch pad to show their work. With a built-in, robust reporting system for item analysis, the Answer Pad offers reports by skill, by class, and by student. Teachers can view the scratch pad showing the student work. In addition, school and district implementations are available for aggregate reporting. This app is available for free download on iTunes.

#1 Benefit: Paperless solution. Option to display paper test for students. Ability to add any response type to template or uploaded image.

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